Successful social media campaigns 

We put the ‘Social’ in Social Media. Yes, we are aware of how incredibly cheesy that sounded! Don’t judge us.

What we mean by that is just that we understand that the key to managing and utilising social channels properly is to be ‘social’. Brands that use social media to talk at their followers are bound to have low engagement, but brands that have two-way conversations and genuinely seek to interact with their audiences are doing it right!

Reaching audiences across social media is key to any holistic marketing strategy. Our campaigns are designed to engage your brand within the conversation happening across social media. From entertaining or informative content that strikes a chord with audiences to engagement and community growth – our focus is on understanding the value of a follower, a ‘like’ or a ‘retweet’ in order to drive sales metrics and deliver ROI.

We use different tools and services to pull off that conversation and generate engagement:

  • Content Creation and Management
  • Channel Management
  • Audience Analysis & Tracking
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Advanced Customer Segmentations
  • Social Advertising & Shopping Integrations
  • Social Remarketing
  • Social Listening