The Brief

Having seen fantastic growth since 2012 and sales double YOY since 2014, the startup skiwear brand team launched their new website in 2017, and approached Fortune Media to take their email marketing, website content and social media management to the next level.

Our Solution

Fortune Media supported the website launch with integrated social and email campaigns as well as managing the content via the bespoke CMS. Since 2016 Fortune have had a direct impact on brand awareness, messaging and direct communication with customers - organically growing the database by 34%.

The Results

After taking over Perfect Moment's social media in Q4 of 2017, Fortune dramatically increased followers by 93% and engagement by 458% in just 4 months, entirely organically.

Our efforts also resulted in:

250% increase in online sales
4228% increase in email marketing ROI
1813% increase in Social Media marketing ROI

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