The Brief

Elements support some of the most rapidly expanding tech businesses in the growth of their organisation by finding the best tech talent at scale, ensuring that the candidates they place have the right cultural and organisational fit to flourish in their clients businesses. They have rewritten the classic agency recruitment model and wanted to stamp their authority and fresh way of thinking clearly on the industry. Fortune were on-boarded to help ensure that their vision and way of working was communicated to the world.

Our Solution

Having ascertained the way the Elements team operate, and what their visions of success looked like the team at Fortune quickly set about building a content strategy and set of tools & processes to bring the dream to life. We organised group sessions with the clients internal teams and key stakeholders to collectively generate content themes and ideas. We condensed these into whitepaper, blog and press concepts which, once approved, were converted into content. Our team conducted interviews with the Elements team members, recording the conversations which were later converted into blog content. All blogs were written to reinforce our SEO strategy to boost site authority and visibility. All original content was then folded into a broader social strategy focussing towards professional network linkedIn as well as Twitter.

The Results

Elements natural website traffic, following on social media and number of invites to speak at events (both national and international) have steadily increased since the team began working alongside Fortune.

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