The Brief

Long term client a-connect approached Fortune to help them mark their 15th anniversary. The client wanted to celebrate the milestone and use it as an opportunity to reconnect with their global pool of consultants and clients who they have worked with across the years.

Our Solution

We wanted to leave a lasting positive legacy, not a set branded mugs that collected dust around the world! Our team designed a campaign that reflected the global nature of the organisation, and gave back in a positive way that everyone (inside and out of the organisation) would benefit from, highlighting the qualities of the a-connect business. Working with conservationists, our team arranged the planting of a global a-connect woodland, with native trees planted in multiple locations around the world. The initiative was supported with a microsite, and set of materials thanking the various clients and partners for their part in helping a-connect reach their 15th year. As well as information on the campaign and the positive benefits this would provide the environment, we also included a a pencil that, when sharpened down to a nub, could be pushed into the ground where it would also germinate and (hopefully) grow into a tree!

The Results

The campaign was fantastically received by all recipients, and resulted in fresh client work from contacts who had lost regular contact with a-connect. Not only that, but the world benefited from more than 2,600 new trees being planted - one for every successful project completed by a-connect since they were established in 2002.

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